January 28, 2021

SRT Alliance Welcomes Sony to the SRT Open Source Video Streaming Project

Sony to support SRT in latest remotely controlled IP cameras   MONTREAL, CANADA – January 28, 2021 – The SRT Alliance, established by Haivision (TSX: HAI), a leading global provider of mission-critical, real-time video streaming and networking solutions, today announced that Sony Imaging Products & Solutions (Sony) has joined the SRT Alliance. The SRT Alliance is a community of industry leaders and developers focused on overcoming the challenges of low latency live streaming by supporting the collaborative development of the SRT (Secure [...]

August 04, 2020

SRT Alliance Surpasses 400 Members as Grass Valley, Evertz, Xilinx, and Primestream Join the SRT Open Source Project

SRT adoption skyrockets, satisfying the growing need for low latency video connectivity to support broadcast cloud contribution and distribution workflows  Montreal, Canada – August 4, 2020 – The SRT Alliance, established by Haivision to support the SRT Open Source project, announces that Grass Valley, Evertz, Xilinx, and Primestream have joined the SRT Alliance to show their support and adoption of the SRT open source protocol. Over 50 industry-leading organizations have turned to SRT and joined the SRT Alliance over the last few months, bringing the total number of members to more than 400 companies.  SRT (Secure Reliable Transport), originally developed and open sourced by Haivision, is [...]

April 06, 2020

Raskenlund Joins the SRT Alliance

Raskenlund  announced that they have joined the SRT Alliance as part of Raskenlund’s overall strategy to embrace, promote and implement the latest proven and worth to invest in technologies. “We’ve been familiar and working with SRT since the early days, back in 2015. Due to the increased demand for the usage of this technology in our implementations we concluded that we had to become a member of the alliance. As such, we hope to share and gain insights in the [...]

March 26, 2020

JVC Professional Video Adds SRT Support for CONNECTED CAM™ Cameras

We are pleased to announce that JVC Professional Video, has added support for the SRT to its CONNECTED CAM™ series of broadcast cameras. Incorporated into the GY-HC900, GY-HC500, and GY-HC550 professional cameras, this latest update further enhances the cameras’ already superior level of IP connectivity. “Since introducing CONNECTED CAM™, we adopted the best-in-class QoS technologies to enable efficient IP-based workflows that are robust and secure,” says Edgar Shane, General Manager, Engineering, JVCKENWOOD USA Corp. “The addition of the SRT streaming [...]

March 24, 2020

How SK Telecom and Collabora are Using SRT to Optimize Security Video Streaming

One of the main drivers of the SRT Alliance is to facilitate cooperation between different organizations, fostering the development of better video streaming technologies for everyone. This spirit of collaboration is very apparent in the groundbreaking work done by our members and partners. In this post, we will explore how SK Telecom and Collabora are working together to push the boundaries of real-time video in the Hwangsaeul project. Getting Started: SK Telecom and Collabora SK Telecom is South Korea’s largest wireless [...]

March 03, 2020

Eurovision Services is SRT Ready

We are thrilled to announce that Eurovision Services is now officially SRT Ready. This status is granted by the SRT Alliance exclusively to members who have integrated the open source SRT streaming protocol into their solutions.   “Our SRT ready status is proof that our Eurovision Global Network is ready to handle low-latency streaming,” Marco Tinnirello, CEO of Eurovision Services.  Eurovision Services was one of the early members of the SRT Alliance, joining in 2017, the year the SRT Alliance debuted. They [...]

December 18, 2019

SRT Alliance founding member announces new SRT protocol player – Haivision Play Pro

During this festive time of year, thoughts turn to celebration, family and friends, and, of course, gift giving! And it’s in this holiday spirit, that Haivision (one of the founding members of the SRT Alliance) wanted to share a special gift with the global community of SRT enthusiasts – streamers, product developers, broadcast engineers, video producers, and those who rely on the SRT protocol for secure, high-quality, and low latency video streaming.   SRT Protocol Player: Haivision Play Pro  Haivision Play Pro [...]

May 29, 2019

Cinegy is SRT ready!

Although DVB and the World Wide Web are a similar age, they grew up separated from one another. Now, in 2019, they are finally, gloriously united via the new SRT protocol.

May 13, 2019

What’s Next for the SRT Alliance?

The SRT Alliance celebrated its two year anniversary with 200 official members and an Emmy to its name, Haivision’s Sylvio Jelovcich told IBC365 about its announcements and success since launch and what is on the agenda next.