Eurovision Services is SRT Ready

We are thrilled to announce that Eurovision Services is now officially SRT Ready. This status is granted by the SRT Alliance exclusively to members who have integrated the open source SRT streaming protocol into their solutions.  

“Our SRT ready status is proof that our Eurovision Global Network is ready to handle low-latency streaming,” Marco Tinnirello, CEO of Eurovision Services. 

Eurovision Services was one of the early members of the SRT Alliance, joining in 2017, the year the SRT Alliance debuted. They are an EBU company, aiming to be the first-choice media services provider for event organizers, media organizations, and sport federations to help produce, distribute, personalize, and optimize content. 

The Eurovision Global Network incorporates SRT gateways, which they developed based on the SRT open source protocol and technology stack. The SRT enabled Eurovision Global Network is compatible with a variety of third-party decoders as well as their own SRT decoder.  

“The tremendous growth in membership of the SRT Alliance since Eurovision Services joined in 2017 shows the power of open source protocols in taking our industry forward,” said Marco Tinnirello, CEO of Eurovision Services. “The recent announcement that Alibaba Cloud has become one of the latest members of the SRT Alliance is further confirmation of the protocol’s industry-leading status. We are proud to have been part of the SRT Alliance since its early days and the confirmation of our SRT Ready status offers further proof that our Eurovision Global Network is equipped to handle low-latency streaming.” 

“An enthusiastic SRT supporter from the outset, Eurovision Services has been both an early adopter of the SRT protocol and an active member of the SRT Alliance since it was formed in 2017,” said Suso Carillo, Director, SRT Alliance. “With this new SRT Ready status, Eurovision Services joins a fast-growing community of vendors, open source initiatives, and solution providers who are helping to set SRT as the industry standard worldwide. We look forward to our continued close collaboration.” 

Read the full press release from Eurovision Services on their website. 

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