SRT Alliance Surpasses 400 Members as Grass Valley, Evertz, Xilinx, and Primestream Join the SRT Open Source Project

SRT adoption skyrockets, satisfying the growing need for low latency video connectivity to support broadcast cloud contribution and distribution workflows 

Montreal, Canada – August 4, 2020 – The SRT Alliance, established by Haivision to support the SRT Open Source project, announces that Grass Valley, EvertzXilinx, and Primestream have joined the SRT Alliance to show their support and adoption of the SRT open source protocol. Over 50 industry-leading organizations have turned to SRT and joined the SRT Alliance over the last few months, bringing the total number of members to more than 400 companies. 

SRT (Secure Reliable Transport), originally developed and open sourced by Haivision, is a low latency video streaming protocol which enables remote and cloud-based high-performance video workflows by overcoming packet loss and adding security with sophisticated encryption techniques. SRT is helping broadcasters and streamers to solve today’s challenges including real-time newsgathering, remote production, and the broadcaster’s at-home workforce. 

“We’re excited to join the SRT Alliance to support SRT as a widely adopted industry standard,” said Neil Maycock, SVP Strategic Marketing & Playout, Grass Valley. SRT is a perfect fit for our strategy at Grass Valley as we continue to innovate and focus on future-proofing our customers’ workflows as they transition from SDI to IP and adopt cloud-based solutions, where latency, security, and connectivity are key. 

As remote work is now a global reality, Evertz’s customers are demanding flexible and powerful solutions that can help them continue to be successful during these times,” said  

Jatinder Barmi, Compression Systems Product ManagerEvertz. The addition of the SRT protocol to our end-to-end portfolio of broadcast production solutions for content creation, distribution, and delivery enables low latency video throughout the broadcaster’s workflow. 

“The increase in demand for real-time live streaming applications, fueled in part by COVID-19, is driving the industry to provide more intelligent network-aware video processing solutions,” said Sean Gardner, Director, Business Development, Video Solutions at Xilinx. “We are excited to unite with the SRT Alliance to collaborate on open-source technologies that will provide the industry with solutions that will reduce end-to-end latency, increase network security, and improve the overall QoE for consumers.” 

“IP based stream production workflows are the wave of the future for all types of media enterprises, but a critical success factor is the ability to transport high-quality, low-latency video in a secure and reliable manner,” said Claudio Lisman, President and CEO, Primestream. “That’s why we are happy to be working with the SRT Alliance in its groundbreaking efforts to create an open-source video transport protocol and to introduce SRT solutions like Media IO. 

“SRT has proven itself to be one of the most powerful technologies driving the industry and it has become a critical component for addressing today’s challenges associated with remote production and broadcasting,” said Jesús (Suso) Carrillo, Director of the SRT Alliance for Haivision.  

SRT optimizes streaming performance across unpredictable networks with low latency secure streams. SRT, royalty free and available on GitHub, is the fastest growing open source video streaming movement. In addition to its more than 400 alliance members, SRT is also supported within other open source projects widely used within the streaming industry such as OBS (Open Broadcaster Software the main streaming engine for Twitch), VideoLAN’s VLC, Wireshark, FFmpeg and GStreamer. The SRT Alliance members list can be found at 

SRT 2020 Vision Webinar
Hosted by the SRT Alliance, and sponsored by Microsoft and Haivision, the SRT 2020 Vision webinar gives updates on the latest SRT developments and technology roadmap. To watch, visit:  

About the SRT Alliance 
The SRT Alliance is a collaborative community of industry leaders and developers striving to achieve lower latency internet video transport by continuously improving SRT, an open source video transport protocol and technology stack. Originally developed and pioneered by Haivision, SRT optimizes streaming performance across unpredictable networks with secure streams and easy firewall traversal, bringing the best quality live video over the worst networks. Haivision was awarded an Emmy® for Technology and Engineering from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for developing the SRT protocol. For more information about the project and how to join the SRT Alliance, visit 

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