Mark Your Calendars for the Next SRT InterOp Plugfest!

We’re thrilled to announce that the SRT Alliance, together with Haivision, is hosting its second Plugfest event for 2021, the SRT InterOp Plugfest, from December 8-10. This is a virtual event for developers to test interoperability and compatibility between different technologies using the SRT open source video streaming protocol.

Save the Date!

The Plugfest kicks off with a webinar on December 8 at 9am EST | 3pm CET which will also include the latest updates about the SRT protocol and SRT Alliance members. You don’t want to miss it!

SRT InterOp Plugfest Webinar
Hosted by the SRT Alliance and Haivision
Tuesday, December 8 at 9am EST | 3pm CET

Register Today!


For more information about the Plugfest, how to join, what you need to know, as well as answers to a whole host of commonly asked questions, check out the SRT InterOp Plugfest guide.

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