HQ Trivia and the Race to Ultra-Low Latency Live Streaming

Live video is getting interactive requiring bidirectional communication with low latency. Companies like Ex Machina, Haivision, nanocosmos, and Wowza—as well as the SRT Alliance—are working on solutions.
The Open Source Solution

Then there is SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) developed by Haivision  and made open-source (non-proprietary)in April 2017, subsequently endorsed by over 50 companies spanning internet streaming (Wowza, Limelight, etc.) and broadcast contribution (Harmonic, Eurovision, etc.) markets and applications.

It is currently used in two distinct use cases: Streamers who want to solve the first-mile challenges associated with RTMP; and broadcasters requiring low latency contribution and who want to mitigate the costs of private fibre networks or satellite. “To satisfy these challenges, SRTis a very compelling alternative to costly proprietary solutions,” says Haivision CMO Peter Maag. “SRT far surpasses RTMP with regard to latency, security, and bandwidth utilization.

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