CASTR Joins SRT Alliance to Expand Solutions for Low Latency Streaming

Castr Live Streaming Inc. announced that it has joined the SRT Alliance, the open-source initiative dedicated to overcoming the challenges of low-latency video streaming.

As part of Castr’s overall strategy to promote efficient, affordable and easy video streaming solutions, Castr joined the SRT Alliance to integrate the SRT protocol into its platform, enabling the best viewing experience, secured content from contribution to distribution, and pristine video quality over unreliable networks.

“Castr Live Streaming Inc. is honored and humbled to join this industry initiative. We recently introduced the beta feature of streaming videos with the SRT protocol for the first time and have received positive responses from our users,” said Govinda Sunil, Chief Executive Officer of Castr Live Streaming Inc. “Becoming a member of the SRT Alliance gives us not only a resourceful portal to contribute our expertise but also the possibility to explore the latest technologies and integrate them into a wide array of video streaming use cases.”

Read the full announcement here.

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